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Is your employer denying your unemployment benefits? Do you wish to appeal your ineligibility for unemployment compensation?

If you lose your job, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits. Visit the website of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to find out more and to file an initial claim form. If your claim is denied, you can still appeal the denial, which means scheduling a hearing.

Prevailing at an unemployment hearing, an appeal, or an unemployment matters case requires specific legal knowledge about how the Referee, the UCBR, and the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Courts make the final determination. Basically, an unemployment lawyer gives you the best chance of prevailing and ensures that you do not undermine your case by arguing legally irrelevant points.

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Employer Appealing Your Unemployment Benefits

We represent individuals in all areas of unemployment law. Our unemployment attorneys know the ins and outs of the unemployment process and will fight for your benefits if your former employer appeals.

Employer Appealing Your Benefits

Appeal Your Unemployment Compensation Determination

We help employees gain the compensation they deserve when they lose their jobs. Furthermore, we level the playing field for winning your benefits from your former employer.

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Need Help With Your Unemployment Appeal?

We, at KM&A, offer specialized insight and advice to you about your case for unemployment. We know that fighting for your unemployment benefits is confusing and we can help you make sense of it.

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Five Reasons to Choose KM&A

Our attorneys have years of combined experience in unemployment law. We know the law and we know how to get the best results for our clients.
We advocate every day for our clients. We only accept cases when we are reasonably confident about the outcome if the case goes to trial.
We understand practical concerns as well as legal issues. We work to provide clear and realistic advice instead of confusing our clients with ambiguity and jargon.
We give our clients direct access to the attorneys working on their case so they don’t have to go through receptionists or assistants. We take advantage of technology to keep our clients informed in real time.
We are clear with our clients from day one about our billing procedures. We work efficiently to keep costs down instead of running up unnecessary fees. Whenever possible, we set budgets and flat rates instead of using the old hourly billing methods.


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