Appealed Unemployment Benefits?

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What Happens When Your Employer Appealed  Unemployment Benefits?

Has Your Employer Appealed Unemployment Benefits?Firstly, when your employer has appealed an unemployment benefits determination, you will have to defend your unemployment benefits at a hearing. Come prepared. Since your former employer is arguing against your unemployment benefits, this will be a strongly contested hearing because you both have much to lose. Your former employer will parade legal counsel, witnesses, and evidence through the hearing in an attempt to disprove your case for your unemployment benefits.

Prepare for a Fight

Don’t discount your employer’s appeal of your unemployment benefits. While you may feel a sense of loyalty to your former employer, they will likely have no problem bringing up any and all issues that may either discredit your statements or destroy your case. Therefore, don’t limit any arguments. Since your employer endeavors to deny your unemployment benefits, do everything in your power to present a reasonable case for the hearing. By bringing your own unemployment lawyer, in fact, you ensure a stronger chance of retaining your benefits during the hearing on your appealed unemployment benefits.

Understand the Legal System

Naturally, employers who have appealed unemployment benefits are often very familiar with the legal system and will be able to use it to their advantage in arguing their case. Since they have dealt with unemployment benefit cases before, your former employer knows how to argue the minute areas of law that may make or break your unemployment benefits claim. Although you may be able to do a crash course in unemployment benefit cases, this will not be enough against the skilled argument of an experienced employer. Proceeding alone against your former employer is a difficult and complicated action.

Attend the Appeals Hearing

Not showing up for an appeal hearing often ensures that you will lose your unemployment benefits. Consequently, be sure to attend. While your employer will be represented by legal counsel, you don’t have to be. However, having a legal advocate improves the standing and sometimes the very outcome of your situation during the hearing.

Contact KM&A

Contact us for assistance on how to proceed after your employer has appealed unemployment benefits. Given the time and effort your former employer has gone through when they appealed unemployment benefits, you will be facing strong opposition. To best ensure that your story and position does not get disputed, you need to have an unemployment lawyer on your side, fighting for your unemployment benefits.

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