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Q & A With An Erie PA Unemployment Lawyer

Have you ever wanted to ask an Erie PA unemployment lawyer specific questions about your unemployment compensation appeal? Well, we’ve gathered some questions and answered them for you. If you want to appeal the decision on your unemployment benefits, contact us because we advocate for your rights under the law.

Q: Could I lose my appeal?

A: As with any legal proceeding, it is possible to lose your unemployment appeal hearing. Each and every case is different from the next, and the specifics of your case will influence your probability for success, but an Erie PA unemployment lawyer can make sure that you have a fair opportunity.

Ask An Erie PA Unemployment Lawyer: Could you lose your unemployment appeal hearing?Q: How important is what I say in an appeal hearing against my employer?

A: Knowing what to say and when strengthens your case. Naturally, at your unemployment appeal hearing, both your former employer and you will have an opportunity to present your cases to the referee, as well as ask questions to the other side. Specific rules govern this process, allowing certain information and questions to be asked. Asking the wrong question may weaken your case. An Erie PA unemployment lawyer ensures that you do not make these mistakes, jeopardizing your unemployment benefits appeal.

Q: Should I object to evidence brought by my employer?

A: Objecting to certain evidence supplied by your former employer helps to weaken the case brought against you. However, objections should be chosen wisely. Of course, it is important to assert the best case you can, making sure to object to evidence that should not be allowed, weakening the employer’s case, and focusing on the important issues in the case. And yet, the when and how of these legal aspects confuse and complicate your unemployment hearing. Consequently, bringing an Erie PA unemployment lawyer to your unemployment appeal hearing guarantees your case is judged on its merits, rather than legal posturing, administrative issues, and complex legal rules.

Q: How does the unemployment compensation appeal process work?

A: First, you apply for unemployment compensation. After review, the Pennsylvania Office of UC Benefits notifies you with a Letter of Determination, whether or not you are eligible for unemployment benefits. If eligible, you can begin receiving your unemployment compensation. However, if you receive a Notice of Hearing, your employer is appealing the original decision. On the flip side, if the Pennsylvania Office of UC Benefits finds you ineligible for benefits, you can appeal the decision. Find out more about Erie Unemployment Appeals Process here.

Q: Can I still receive UC if I was terminated for willful misconduct?

A: Yes, you may still be able to receive unemployment compensation even if you were fired for willful misconduct. However, expect an uphill battle as you seek to receive unemployment benefits. We cover willful misconduct unemployment more fully here. Consequently, contacting an Erie PA unemployment lawyer to help with your case will strengthen the odds in your favor.

Q: If I voluntarily quit my job, can I still get unemployment benefits?

A: Winning unemployment benefits when you’ve voluntarily quit your job can be next to impossible. However, if you have the right lawyer on your side, your chances greatly improve. We believe you can win your voluntary quit hearing with an Erie unemployment attorney.

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While your Erie PA unemployment lawyer cannot guarantee that you will win your appeal, they can ensure proper presentation of your case, fair consideration, and correct technical documentation. Contact an Erie PA unemployment lawyer to find out how we can make sure you have the best chance to win your unemployment hearing.

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