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Win Your Voluntary Quit Hearing With An Erie Unemployment Attorney

How Can An Erie Unemployment Attorney Help You Win Your Voluntary Quit Hearing?

Applying for and receiving unemployment compensation if you voluntarily quit will be next to impossible. However, you may still be eligible for unemployment, but it will be one of the more difficult cases to argue and win in front of a referee. Generally, voluntarily leaving your position removes you from eligibility for unemployment benefits. And yet, an Erie unemployment attorney determines the legal options available to you so you can win unemployment benefits.

Determine reason for voluntary quit

The biggest hurtle to overcome in these cases is to demonstrate that the voluntary quit was for a reason that was so significant and overwhelming that you essentially had no other choice than to voluntarily quit. Consequently, this is a very high bar to reach and is difficult to prove. But with an Erie unemployment attorney on your side, you will have a much better chance at success.

Examples of good reason for voluntary quit

We’ve included some situations that meet this requirement of good reason for voluntary quit. Naturally, other situations may apply. However, employees who have quit due to one of the following reasons may be able to win unemployment compensation.

  • medical problems where the employee is physically or emotionally unable to work
  • a change in the work conditions and unreasonably dangerous work conditions
  • subject to extreme conduct by a colleague at work including abusive conduct or accusations

Furthermore, in all these circumstances, you must have acted in good faith to preserve your position to the best of your ability.

Develop a strong case

With an Erie unemployment attorney on your side, we can help you measure the merits of your case and determine if your voluntary quit will exempt you from unemployment benefits. We know the requirements of the law and want to fight for your rights. An Erie unemployment attorney develops the strongest case to demonstrate why your situation falls into an exception to the general prohibition against voluntary quit and thus enable you to receive your benefits.

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Contact an Erie unemployment attorney if you are unsure about whether you would be eligible to receive unemployment benefits after you have voluntarily quit your position. Erie unemployment attorneys are available to help provide advice and information to you on how best to proceed with your claim.

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