What If I Lose My UC Appeal?

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What If I Lose My Unemployment Compensation Appeal Hearing?

As with any legal proceeding, it is possible to lose at your unemployment compensation appeal hearing. While an unemployment attorney enables you to build your best case, the system itself does not guarantee a win. However, losing an unemployment compensation appeal does not necessarily prevent you from receiving unemployment benefits.

What Is The Next Stage In The Appeal Process?

Unemployment Compensation Appeal Hearing - What If You Lose?

First of all, if you lose the initial appeal hearing, you face an uphill battle. The unemployment compensation appeal hearing is the trial stage of the unemployment benefits process. The hearing establishes the evidence in the case, preventing additions of evidence later on.

Continue To Appeal

However, the case may be appealed to the Unemployment Benefit Board of Review (UCBR). At the UCBR level, the parties argue issues of law, rather than fact, in order to seek a change in the process. Furthermore, UCBR will be charged with the review of the referee’s decision during your initial unemployment compensation appeal hearing.

Recognize Your Mistakes

Depending on what happened at your initial hearing, you may have unintentionally caused irreparable damage to your case. Those who have represented themselves at the unemployment compensation appeal hearing have a very low probability of success at the UCBR stage. As a result, you could easily lose at this level.

Seek Legal Counsel

It is extremely important to preserve the integrity of your claim by seeking help from an unemployment attorney at your initial unemployment compensation appeal hearing. Even if you have represented yourself at your unemployment compensation appeal hearing and lost, a skilled unemployment attorney may be able to repair your claims by making a case before the UCBR. The earlier you contact an unemployment attorney, the more likely you are to preserve your claim and to receive your rightful unemployment benefits.

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