Unemployment Hearing Lawyer – What To Expect?

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What To Expect From An Unemployment Hearing Lawyer

Attending an unemployment hearing can be very stressful. However, with an unemployment hearing lawyer on your side, you can reduce any nervousness, be better prepared, and know what to expect. Your unemployment hearing lawyer will call you in the days leading up to your case. During this call, you should expect to review your case and any additional aspects as needed. By doing this call in the days leading up to your hearing, you and your unemployment hearing lawyer will review your case, ensuring that you recall the details for your hearing.

Before Your Hearing

Unemployment Hearing Lawyers - What to ExpectOn the day of your hearing, you should ensure that you have arrived by the time indicated on your Notice of Hearing, usually 15 minutes before your hearing time. You will be asked to stay in the waiting area with your unemployment lawyer until the referee is prepared to hear your case. During this time, your unemployment lawyer will likely review your case file for any last minute additions to the file by your former employer and answer any further questions you may have for them.

The Hearing

You will then be called in by the referee with your attorney, as well as your employer and their legal counsel. When you are called in, you will be asked to sit on one side of a table with your unemployment hearing lawyer and any witnesses and your former employer will be on the other side. The referee will begin by explaining the purpose of the hearing, the procedures, and asking general questions of you, your attorney, and your employer.

After compiling the basic information, the referee will ask whoever holds the burden of proof to go first. For example, if you voluntarily quit your position, you would have the burden of proof. On the other hand, if you were terminated, your employer has the burden of proof.

When it is your turn, your unemployment hearing lawyer will ask you questions, ensuring you tell your story in a light most favorable to your claims. Upon completing the questions, the opposing side will have an opportunity to cross examine you. You should be prepared to answer questions, but do not volunteer any additional information that may jeopardize your case. Your unemployment hearing lawyer will then have the opportunity to ask questions of you one more time.

Meanwhile, the other side’s presentation their story will be in a similar format to yours. Consequently, in response to your employer’s story, your unemployment hearing lawyer can ask the other side questions that will further strengthen your case.

The Closing Statement

Following all the testimony, both sides may choose to offer a closing statement. Your unemployment appeals lawyer endeavors to convey the main aspects of your case, ensuring one last reiteration of your points.

Your unemployment hearing lawyer will be advocating for you throughout the whole process. Should you ever feel uncertain about what to expect, your unemployment hearing lawyer will be able to answer any questions and resolve your concerns.

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